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Hawk & Trowel - Spring 2009

Stilts and portable scaffolds

Dura-StiltsDura-Stilts – Model IV Dura-Stilts
The Model IV Dura-Stilts are lightweight and have new features designed to comfortably secure the user and unify him or her with the stilts for greater efficiency and control. The Model IV design was achieved with several exclusive patents, including for a new buckle and strap system, a flexible, pivoting, full-wrap clamshell leg band, a width-adjustable, quick-rear-entry, sandal-style foot harness system, and a streamlined strut tube clamping system that reduces tube damage when overtightened.

(800) 225-2440

Falcon Ladder & Scaff old Mfg. – Fat-Top Trigger
The Fat-Top Trigger walk-up scaffold from Falcon Ladder & Scaffold Mfg. is designed with drywallers and other tradespeople in mind. Falcon Ladder

In order to allow for a more compact size and easy portability, the Fat-Top safely allows workers to stand on the top step, which is 9 1/2 inches wide. It also features a heavy-duty, no-pinch hinge. Other features include its nonslip ladder foot pads, 500-pound capacity and heavy-duty aluminum extrusion.

There are three different versions of the Fat-Top available, ranging from a step-stool size to 30 inches long. Heights can range from 23 inches to 68 inches, depending on the model.

(800) 522-3313

Marshalltown Co. – Skywalker 2.0 Stilts

The Skywalker 2.0 Stilts have been a strong seller for Marshalltown Co. since they were released in late 2006. Considered to be innovative in comparison to traditional stilts, the Skywalker 2.0 Stilts allow a more natural walking motion due to its new foot design. The stilts also include a flip-and-switch system that allows for quick height adjustment, fully adjustable ankle springs that allow for more natural movement, and quick adjust-and-release straps.


Telpro Inc. – Tele-Tower Model 1101
Telpro Tele TowerThe Tele-Tower Model 1101 adjustable work platform is available from Telpro Inc.

The Tele-Tower is made with all-steel construction, so it can withstand tough work environments. Portable components can be transported to the work site in a van or pickup truck and easily assembled by one person from ground level. The assembled unit with safety rails folded can roll through a 32-inch-by-80-inch doorway. The winch system operates to provide adjustable platform height ranging from 2 feet to 11 feet in 6-inch increments (working height is 18 feet). Integral outriggers extend to provide a stable 6-foot base. With a static load rating of 550 pounds, the platform can allow two people to comfortably work on it simultaneously.

(800) 441-0551

ToolPro Stilts
ToolPro Stilts
ToolPro offers lightweight, adjustable magnesium stilts.

ToolPro stilts are high-visibility contractor yellow and are available in three sizes, each with a range of eight options: 15 inches to 23 inches, 18 inches to 30 inches, and 24 inches to 40 inches. These magnesium stilts promote productivity and reduce user fatigue because they are lighter than traditional aluminum stilts.

ToolPro also offers replacement parts.



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