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March 2008

Product News

Rotozip rolls out drywall router
Rotozip has introduced the DR1 drywall router. Smaller, faster and more durable than a older generation of drywall routers, the DR1's improved ergonomics and amplified power aims to increase job-site efficiencies and performance.
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Stainless-steel lath from AMICO
Alabama Metal Industries Corp. has introduced two new stainless-steel lath products: SS304 and SS316.
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Elotex's new anti-efflorescence additive
Elotex, a business unit of National Starch and Chemical Co., has introduced Elotex ERA100, a redispersible powder additive designed to eliminate primary efflorescence in stuccos, tile grouts, skim-coats, cement powder paints and other cement-based mortar systems.
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Lafarge adds new mold defense product
Lafarge's Mold Defense Shaftliner is the company's newest addition to its growing line of mold-resistant drywall products. Designed for use in elevator shafts, duct shafts, stairwells in high-rise construction and area separation walls for multifamily construction, Mold Defense Shaftliner resists mold and mildew growth. It also offers the benefit of a moisture-resistant surface.
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Popcorn texture from Homax
Homax Products Inc. has announced a new Popcorn Ceiling Texture for patching and repairing commercially applied acoustic popcorn textures.
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Gypsum board from CertainTeed
ProRoc Moisture and Mold Resistant Gypsum Board, new from CertainTeed Corp., is a high-strength wallboard designed for use on interior walls and ceilings in residential, commercial and institutional applications. This lightweight wallboard is easy to cut and install over steel or wood framing and may be finished and painted using conventional gypsum board techniques.
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Pronto, a new construction adhesive
Introduced at this year's Intex EXPO, Pronto Construction Adhesive is a solvent-free, fire-retardant product for drywall installation.
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Clog-resistant sanding sponges from Diamond Wall
Diamond Wall's new sanding sponges employ clog-resistant technology (CRT) to create durable, long-lasting abrasive sponges.
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Single-coat sustainable plaster from American Clay
American Clay Enterprises, manufacturers of environmentally friendly Natural Earth Plasters, have launched Enjarre, a single-coat, eco-friendly plaster directed at the commercial and multiunit residential markets.
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BMudder line of drywall finishing tools
The BMudder product line from BFast Tools is designed to help drywall professionals increase speed and accuracy in the application of mud to drywall joints.
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Sto EmeraldCoat gets classified
Sto EmeraldCoat, an integral part of the StoGuard air and moisture barrier system, has been classified by the ICC-ES as a code-compliant water-resistant barrier. EmeraldCoat is used in residential and commercial construction and now has ICC-ES approval for use under all claddings except exterior insulation and finish systems.
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An eco-friendly waste solidifier
Sto Corp. has introduced StoSet 9000 Waste Solidifier, a dry powder product used to solidify liquid waste materials in the original bucket. This allows for environmentally friendly disposal of acrylic- and latex-based textured finishes, paints, and coatings, such as those used in the EIFS and stucco industries.
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Exaktime introduces new system
Designed for mobile work crews, the Exaktime PocketClock/GPS software transforms a Windows Mobile PDA into a portable time clock that uses GPS technology to record the exact location of workers as they clock in and out.
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