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Hawk-&-Trowel Magazine | Spring 2008
Concrete Decor, Vol 8, No 2

Cover Image:
Stonelace Designs' Christine Wallner, Rye Hudak and Travis Hough (front to rear) apply an earth-friendly finish at the Urban Tavern restaurant in the San Francisco Hilton. Stonelace

Designs specializes in finishes that use recycled materials and nontoxic ingredients. For more green plastering options Click Here

Photo courtesy of Stonelace Designs

Venetian Plaster
Venetian Plaster: Lime vs. Synthetic
With so many products on the market for Venetian plaster finishes, choosing the right one can be tough. Learn what to expect from both lime and synthetic Venetian plasters.
by Amy B. Johnson
Greener Plasters
Seeking Greener Plasters
From reclaimed aggregates to natural binders, there are many different ways that a plaster can earn the distinction of being green. Find out which plastering products are environmentally friendly.
by Loretta Hall
The Paramount on Lake Eola, Olrando, Fla.
Project Profile: The Paramount on Lake Eola, Orlando, Fla.
If you're one of the growing number of contractors making the move from horizontal to vertical, this may be one of your first questions.
by Amy Johnson
Maintenance helps preserve buildingsā€¦and save money
by Rory Brennan
Myron Ferguson
Try something different with that ceiling finish
by Myron R. Ferguson
Robin Raymer
Drywall, plaster or both?
by Robin Raymer, The Plaster Man
Texture sprayers
Hawkmate Spackling Tool Storage System
Walls of Steel

The Plaster Zone >
Ornamental considerations
by Robin Raymer

The Preservation Plasterer >
How to repair historic plaster
by Rory Brennan

That Drywall Guy >
Building the best arches and curves
by Myron Ferguson